Educational Services, Seminars and Workshops

Consultation Services for Schools

We provide a consultation service to assist in the integration and management of children with special needs, with a specific focus on children with ASD Disorders and ADHD.

In consultation with the school and classroom teachers we can arrange a meeting and child observation to identify and/or determine how specific behaviours can be addressed. In addition, we provide assistance with integration aides and techniques.

Please contact us (link to contact page) for any enquiries.


We conduct seminars and workshops in schools and other educational institutions for teachers, teacher aides, parents and carers. Our aim is to give our participants an understanding of ASD management strategies and the tools to implement them effectively.

Topics include:

1. Introduction to Autism

What is Autism? How does it affect the child’s learning? What can you do?

2. Behavioural intervention

Identifying triggers

Developing and implementing targeted behavioural strategies

3. Timetabling and scheduling

Individual and group visual timetabling

4. Visual Aides

Instructional, behavioural and information scripts /social stories

5. Communication

Social skills and speech aides