What We Offer

Consultations & Programs Overview

We develop an individual management plan that addresses agreed objectives for both the child and family.

We take a creative approach using visual aids to support learning, with play based activities being the focal point of all programming.

We offer a range of services and products including:

  • Individual & family consultations;
  • Industry professionals seminars & workshops;
  • Parent/Carer seminars & workshops;
  • Family Support Service;
  • Interactive teaching resources.

Consultation Process

We have a comprehensive consultation & program assessment in place to ensure set outcomes are achieved.

Initial Phone Consultation & Suitability Assessment:

  • No charge
  • 20 min. phone consultation
  • Determine if services required
  • Organise in-home consultation

Initial In-home Consultation & Assessment (2 Consultants):

  • Fees apply
  • In-home family consultation

Follow Up Appointments:

  • Fees apply
  • Number of appointments is dependent on issues
  • Individual learning program developed (incl. visuals)
  • Comprehensive written assessment provided